7 French Press Coffee Makers you Have to Buy (Feb. 2020) Best Picks

Many would argue that the coffee made on French press is not a real coffee, but for those who have already tasted it, they now this is all bullocks. French press is one of the most traditional cafetieres created alongside the moka tops and, in fact, it does have its own way to brew coffee. It doesn’t make espressos like barista espresso machines, but it can in fact produce espressos on its own.

The taste and the quality of coffee brews made with French press are quite unique – more unique than the moka espressos – and they are excellent for people who are not yet skilled on the preparation of espressos with barista machines.

We compiled a list of great French press models that are very popular in 2020. If this is your first French press or if you just want to updated what you have currently in your kitchen for something better, stick with this guide. We evaluated and selected eight of the best models currently available in the market to help you make up your mind. And if you are completely new to the French Press universe, check up our guide to know all you need to purchase the best model for your needs.

Best French Press for 2020 with Reviews

Kitchen Supreme


Kitchen Supreme French Press Coffee & Tea Maker 2020

A top seller on sites like Amazon, the Kitchen Supreme press is a stylish and high quality French press cafetiere with a great design in all ways: it looks great, it brews and filters great and keeps the carafe insulated even better. The body of the french press is all made on thermal glass of German patent, which will insulate the brewed coffee for many hours after the preparation is done.

Like most French press, it has a capacity up to 1 Liter, enough to 8 espresso servings. The complementary parts of the press are all made on stainless steel, except for the handle which is a regular insulated plastic to keep you from hurting your hands, as well as to preserve the heat of the carafe and do not lose it for the touch.

But probably one of the great reasons why this French press is so popular is its great 4-filter screen system: there 4 different screen meshes filtering the coffee, so you can be completely sure there will be no coffee ground on your beverage. This sturdy system also enables you to pump the infusion harder and for longer, which will result in an outstanding cream from the coffee.

For tea preparations this is as well excellent, as you will be able to squeeze the best from leafs, seeds and any other compound of your tea.

Included in the package, Kitchen Supreme gives you a stainless steel spoon specially designed for the press, as well as a scoop to add coffee or tea. For last, this French press is covered with a 5 year warranty policy.

FP Coffee Maker

FP Coffee Maker French Press 2020

This FP press is another top seller, it is a bit more expensive than the Kitchen Supreme model specially due to the fact it is all made on stainless steel and has a double walled body carafe. This design enables this press to keep the coffee warm for longer than most glass carafes as it works like a thermos bottle. Even the lid has this double-walled build.

The carafe is completely insulated, so you can wash it on your dishwasher safely. to prevent heat loss. There is not one single plastic part for this carafe, a good option for those who really want to avoid any of it.
On the other hand, this press offers only 1 screen filter.

There are no complaints regarding this feature, since it seems to work perfectly. Based on the outstanding reviews for this machine, FP developed a great filter system here that will not let any particles of coffee or tea sneak up to your final infusion.

The 1-screen-only filter system also is great for your pocket. It will end up much more affordable to replace only one filter screen, unlike other press carafes that make use of several filters. Here, the cost benefit on the long run wins.

For last, this press has a 32oz capacity. It is a bit less than usually these French press cafetieres. This coffee maker has a lifetime limited warranty.


SterlingPro French Coffee Press 2020

SterlingPro is a famous brand among the production of French press cafetieres. This is one of their most popular models, probably the most sold French press in the market these days. A combination of great cost benefit and quality makes it a standard for many people who are starting on preparation of French press infusions.

Its body is all made on borosilicate glass, in a nut shell, a thermal insulant resilient glass. It has the average 1 liter (34oz) capacity, which can serve up to 8-cups.

The bottom of the carafe has a stainless steel rest that lifts the glass up from the surface, a good design to keep it from getting in contact with surfaces and losing heat more easily. The handle on the other hand is made of a simple insulant plastic. Apart from this handle, this carafe has no other plastic parts.

The filtering system of the SterlingPro press is made of 2 screen filters. Included in the pack, you have a replacement set with more 2 screens. Probably the only let down of this press as pointed by users is the fact the replacement set is not really that cheap, it can actually cost almost the same price of a new SterlingPro. The fact the brand doesn’t make clear if there is a warranty policy covering is also another con for this model.


LINKYO French Press 2020

If you want many different options for a same model of French press, this LINKYO model is a good alternative. This model of the brand is also another top seller of French press in online stores, and you can get in four different shapes: There is the LINKYO classic all made in stainless steel and the LINKYO round, also made on stainless steel.

If you prefer a more beautiful approach with your infusions visible from the carafe, you can get the glass version. All these versions are 34oz. For last, there is the classic LINKYO with a 50oz capacity.

Different from the FP stainless steel carafe though, there press carafes are not made on double walled cafetieres, so the insulation is less effective – not enough though to cause complaints about the efficiency of keeping it warm for long enough.

The glass version still keeps all the other details of the body of the carafe made on stainless steel. There are no plastic parts here.

When it comes to filtering, this press also uses a double filtering system. A replacement set is also included for free in the package. LINKYO offers a 2 year warranty policy. It is not the best but still doesn’t seem like deficient considering the rating of buyers.

Secura Stainless Steel

Secura Stainless Steel French Press 2020

Secura developed a stainless steel French press with a design quite similar to the LINKYO. It is a straight, cylindrical shaped carafe with no double wall insulation, but good and effective enough to be another top seller.

Compared to LINKYO, it is actually a topper seller, but that could also be about the cost benefit as this model is slightly more accessible these days, even though its original price is higher than the LINKYO model.

This press has the usual 1-screen system, even though it is labeled as a 3 layered system, that doesn’t mean there are 3 screen filters – check up our guide after the reviews to understand how the filtering system on French press happens. As a plus, Secure includes a free extra screen for replacement. The carafe has the usual 34oz capacity and there are no plastic parts at all included.

One important thing to note that is a differential for this model is the prolonged lid insulation. Many stainless steel carafes do not have lids with long edges, they are often short but efficient. Many buyers claim that this Secura is really good on keeping it all warm for long, as well as the quite hermetic closing makes pressure inside the carafe keep the heat steady.

Like most stainless steel carafes, you can safely dishwash it. This is another French press the manufacturer doesn’t make clear how and for how long the warranty policy works.

Utopia Kitchen Triple Filter 8 Cup

Utopia Kitchen Triple Filter 8 Cup French Press 2020

If you are looking for something quite affordable and with quality still, this French press is one of the best models available in the market for budget purchases, and nonetheless, another top seller. Utopia Kitchen developed a quite traditional press here, resembling the Kitchen Supreme model with a design quite classic.

The carafe so is made of thermal glass, and the complementary parts, except for the plastic handle, are made on stainless steel. The carafe is all designed to avoid losing heat to the ambient, and the filtering system works like the Kitchen Supreme model as well: the plunge wand never touches the bottom of the carafe so you can pump it with better results to extract the best cream of your coffee.

And speaking of filtering system, as the name suggests, you have a quite powerful system here with three screens to enable all that pumping with no fear on bringing coffee ground up to the infusion.

Like most French press, this one also has a 1L capacity (34oz), enough to serve 8 cups. Probably the only let down of this machine is the fact once again the manufacturer doesn’t maker clear whether there is a warranty police or not.

Ritual French Press 9-Cup Coffee Press Maker

Ritual French Press 9-Cup Coffee Press Maker 2020

Ritual is another brand that has many French press models quite popular. Their design is often much more modern and minimalist, which makes their carafes beautiful with their own concept. Their 9-cup press has a carafe all made on thermal glass, including the handle, which makes it quite unique and elegant.

On the other hand, this press has some plastic parts that will not please plastic-free enthusiasts: the lid insulant part is made of plastic, and the bottom of the carafe – external part – is made of a silicon based material that works to keep it from touching surfaces and losing more heat. However, the lid itself is made on a zinc alloy which is excellent to keep temperatures stable.

Since it doesn’t touch the infusion, there is really no problems when it comes to taste. On the other hand, this carafe has a 36oz capacity, so you can brew an extra cup compared to other models.

The filtering system though has only one filter screen, but considering the quite positive rate of this model, it filters the coffee very well. Like the Kitchen Supreme and the Utopia Kitchen carafes, the plunger wand doesn’t touch the bottom of the carafe, so you can pump it more. For last, Ritual offers a lifetime warranty policy.


BOJE French Press 2020

The last French press of our list is the BOJE press, it is a mix of the most modern look of the Ritual with a discreet touch of tradition from models like Kitchen Supreme. It has an insulant metallic grid made of stainless steel, specially the bottom that keeps the carafe from losing heat to the ambient.

The carafe though is made on stainless steel, but the lid has a plastic insulant part, as well as the handle. The capacity though is of 34oz, the standard.The filtering system here also has only 1 screen, but it works as well distant from the bottom, enabling it to pump stronger and extracting more from coffee and tea.

The great plus of this machine is another lifetime guarantee warranty policy. The price of this French press is not the lowest of our list, so don’t mistake the last item of our list for an item that is not really of good quality, because it does and is in the same level of many other items.

 Buyers Guide

This guide was made specially for people who have no experience yet with French press. We will guide you through what makes them unique and, most importantly, why they worth a buy.

What exactly is a French press?

First, a French press can’t really be considered a machine. Like moka pots, they are cafetieres that have a singular brewing method. With the French press it works like this: you can grind a great variety of coffee beans, pour the ground coffee into the cafetiere and add hot water. The process of brewing happens through the plunging wand system.

Affixed to the lid, the wand has at its bottom a singular set of filtering layers, including a filtering screen, that keeps the ground coffee from coming to surface, a supportive screen to enable the plunging and a third to keep the plunging steady in the carafe and not bend the other screen. The filtering screen though are often the center of the matter, as bad French press will let the ground coffee come up to surface and screw the feeling of your brewed coffee.

French press can, and are often, used to brew tea as they will keep seeds, leafs and any other parts of a tea patch away from the infusion. The coffee prepared with French press is often called a coffee infusion for that matter. On the other hand, if you French press enables you to do so, you can pump it enough to extract the cream of the coffee.

What are the benefits of the French Press?


Different from espresso machines and other brewing methods, French press cafetieres are quite easy to use. While you can grind and brew your own coffee ground, French press just requires you to pump a bit the coffee and let it sit and brew. Many other refined coffees require you to know better the steps of grinding the coffee, the right amount of pressure to brew, temperature, and so on.

French press is quite straight forward. To clean it and reuse the process is almost much easier.

Cost benefit

You can get a espresso with a French press for a much more affordable price than you would invest in espresso machines or coffee makers of any kind. Rarely you will see a French press that goes beyond the $100 mark. They are simple brewing cafetieres and will not be a buy hard to achieve.


As we said before, you can use a French press to brew tea. They are great to make all kinds of infusions, so you will not be using it only for coffee.Unique coffee: while espressos made with barista espresso machines are still the traditional method, French press brewing will let you brew a great espresso from great coffee beans.

Mochas don’t work well with most kinds of coffee ground, they are often great for very fine grounded coffee and this limits the possibilities of tasting different varieties. We won’t even mention the drip coffee machines. While people call the French press an infused espresso, the taste is quite unique and tasty.

Different from drip brewing, here there are no filtering systems that will steal the essential oils from the coffee, so you can get a great crema from it, something impossible with any other kind of brewing method but barista espresso machines.

Things to consider when buying French Press

Clean brewing

There is a tradition on French press brewing where plastic is really not welcome. There are many cheap models that are made entirely of plastic and many people don’t like and don’t approve the combination of hot water with plastic. The basic recommendation is always to stick to glass or stainless steel, which are the two most basic materials.

There are some carafes made on other alloys like brass or zinc, but they are less common to find in the market – and will often reach the mark of $100. Glass is always the best, but they will retain temperature with less efficiency than metal alloys.

Thermal insulation

Whether it is made on glass or stainless steel, French press should be designed to avoid keeping contact with surfaces. Stick to models that offer insulating body grids, either made on metal or other material. As they are kept at the outside, the only thing that really matters is how they efficient they are on keeping the carafe away from the ambient.

Some models we included in this list are made on stainless steel double walled carafes. They are ideal to keep the coffee warm for longer and do not spoil the experience of a brewed espresso on a French press, but thermal glasses are the basic and they do work as well very well.

Filtering system

Here the matter is a bit tricky because, while quantity is always an indicative of quality, sometimes a smart single screen design makes the difference.

The important here is to guarantee the filtering system is resilient and efficient. We included only models that are certified to provide good filtering, so if you want to go beyond this list, what you really should focus on first is how efficient the French press works.

How to brew a good cup of coffee with a French press?

Here we have some tips for you to brew your first French press espresso with good results. The process is not only about how to use a French press, but how to know what you are getting from what you are brewing.

Coffee ground

First and foremost, French press is able to brew preground coffee with no problems, and the results you will get from it are what you can expect from a ground coffee that have lost many of its nutrients, specially the essential oils. If you want to brew coffee beans of high quality, you surely need to buy them intact and them grind them.

There is no mystery here when it comes to the quality of the coffee you will get, you must start by the quality of the coffee ground.

Following guidelines

You have to stick to the guidelines of the coffee variation you are going to brew. Not all coffee grounds are brewed under the same temperature and, specially with the same grind fineness, so check up with the manufacturer of the coffee you are about to brew the recommendations for the French press preparation.


You must not exaggerate on pumping the infusion, but not either do a weak job. Good French press carafes are designed to endure a strong pumping. For coffee, you must do it until you see crema float. As it reaches an amber color, you know you are ready to serve.

For other coffee preparations you know you will not be getting crema, a 5 to 10 minutes infusion time is enough to have a taste coffee. For this case, a pumping of one to two minutes is all you need.


Avoid letting the coffee brewing to be exposed to cold temperatures. Even though it has a thermal insulation mechanism, the best is to avoid it losing heat at any cost to the ambient. After the minimum time of infusion is due, you can start serving it.

Summing Up

We hope you are already set on all you need for French press brewing. The machines we included here are not only the most popular, as they are certified on brewing good espressos with no preground coffee involved in the result. Our ultimate tip is always to stick to models that have an ensured design that filters very well the coffee – and tea as well.