Best Epilator for Legs (2020) Buyers Guide & Reviews

It is unfashionable to flaunt your hairy legs among a crowd (especially for women); thus you should strive to grab best epilator for legs at any cost. Of course, there are other body areas which need attention where hair removal is concerned, but none is perhaps as imposing as legs. Think of a situation where your entire body is smooth and silk, and downstairs, you have a pair of gross hairy legs. You won’t find the idea exciting enough. Thus, check out the hair growth on your shin and go about the business of choosing best epilator for legs.

How to choose the Best Epilator for Legs

Before discussing best epilator for legs, let’s check out the dichotomy that a leg betrays. A leg is carefully divided into two halves; one above knee and one under. While the upper part is strong (strengthened by the longest bone femur), the lower part is typically weak. You must have felt absurd pain while being hit on the shin (lower half) sometime or other.

Coming to epilating legs, it can easily be deduced that you have lesser capacity to bear pain while epilating the shin. Both males and females, however, generally have uniform hair in both sections. The difference lies in the thickness and coarseness of hair strands or lack of it.

If you have thick and stubborn hair, you are better off with epilators which have a suggestive number of close-grip tweezers. If the hair has grown too long, you should best shave it before you proceed to epilate.
It is also a wise idea to epilate your legs when they are completely dry. Hairs on the leg tend to get quite sticky under the shower, thus resulting in enough pain. Remember to take a thorough bath and then moisturize your legs effectively. Leave the legs for some time before you epilate. You may choose epilators with soothing metal effect to reduce the pain element. In any case, keep a numbing and an antiseptic lotion ready just in case you incur blisters. If the hair strands are however thin, the pain will be less.

Some of you suffer from eruption of too many ingrown hair (hair which grow wrongly). You need to remove these delicately. That is where an epilator with soft lift tips help. It patiently glides through and lifts flat-lying, stubborn and ingrown hair, making it easy to remove. It is preferable to exfoliate and cleanse the area before rooting out ingrown hair.

If you are a first-timer, you should first try epilating the hair on small zone of the left hand (if you are right-handed). You will get a vague idea of the pain you will suffer. Choose less-noisy epilator with a firm and adaptable handle, so that you can swiftly move through the terrains of your upper and lower legs.

You should choose hypoallergenic epilator if you have sensitive skin. Most importantly, learn to persevere and take time while you are epilating your legs. One wrong cut or drastic rooting may leave a botch on your legs, at least for some time.

Top 3 Best Epilators for Legs in 2020

It is interesting to note that although too many reputed companies keep dishing out excellent epilators, we have zeroed down on 3 best epilator for legs all belonging to Braun. They have a soothing effect, root out hair with mathematical accuracy and nip off chances of hair regrowth for at least 5 weeks. Each of the below-mentioned products are easy to handle and give you the comfort to take your time while epilating. They cause less noise, which can be a huge irritation during the process. Moreover, they adapt to the contours of your legs effortlessly. You can choose the speed you are comfortable with. In a nutshell, they give you a reason to rejoice. Here are the top 3 product reviews for epilator for legs

Braun SE7681 Silk-épil 7 Wet and Dry

This product works both under the shower and off it with equal ease. Its tweezers hold the hair strands closely and it epilates comprehensively, thanks to the benefit of Smart light. You get a soothing feeling when you epilate with it. It has soft tips to gently raise flat-lying hair and cut them off.

Braun Series 5-5185 Silk Epil

This product is gentle on the skin while epilating, laden with massage rollers. It roots hair even minute hair with perfection and its revolving head scans the surface with ease. You can set speed according to requirement and can clearly view small or ingrown hair due to the presence of Smart light.

Braun Series 5-5280 Silk Epil

Epilating becomes effortless with this product as its tweezers grasp the hair in a compact and lucid way. You get the facility of efficiency cap for the purpose of epilating delicate areas. There is Smart light for better observation and the rollers ensure a sweet feeling, just as you epilate. You can control speed and get along.


Fashionable and smooth legs give you a clear signal to try out shorts and high skirts with authority. You just need to have truck with best epilator for legs and it will go a long way in infusing confidence in you. That it enhances your beauty and makes your legs look more toned is an added asset. So, what are you waiting for; just lay your hands on these excellent products and see the result for yourself. Find more epilators visit our ultimate guide on best epilators in 2020.