The Best Epilators for Face (Updated April 2020) Buyers Guide & Reviews

You make your first and best impression with your face and thus, it should ideally be clean and clear; a condition ensured by best epilator for face. For females, having hair on the upper lip or jaw line is a put off, especially in today’s times when visual appeal is on upward curve. Thanks to the continuous production of fashionable stuff, you have a whale of options when you need to choose facial epilator. Even a few men find shaving irritating (for their skin) and thus prefer epilating their faces. You can assert your necessity, conditions and cost and pick the best epilator accordingly.

How to Choose the Best Epilator for Face

Think of how you have often been fascinated by models and movie stars because of their chiseled and smooth faces. Facial hair takes away a considerable glow from a female face, not to mention the coarseness it bestows to the beholder’s vision. Thus, it is necessary to get these ridiculous strands away.

Problem is that facial hair tends to grow back faster than hair on other areas (It is ever exposed to the Sun).So, your first criteria while purchasing facial epilator should be the time period it guarantees for hairless face. This means that hair regrowth should not happen within 5 weeks or so. Facial hair in females is through various reasons like genetics, tension, fatigue, disorders and obesity.

You have to grasp (figuratively) the amount of hair you have on the face (barring brow). If you just have a thin growth on upper lip, you can do well with epilators which gently remove hair from the surface without too much fuss. Of course, there would be some pain involved, but that ought to be bearable. However, if you have an even and suffusing growth, you should resort to best epilator for face with tweezers.

The rolling tweezers move around the chin, cheeks and under the chin (very complicated contour), grasping and scraping out hair strands to nicety. If you are new to it, pick up a facial epilator with detail light, to view facial zones especially under the chin.

The skin on jaw line is decidedly more compact than under the chin. Thus, you need an epilator with ergonomic handle and speed control so you can tackle both regions deftly. Do remember to keep your skin taut with the other hand while you epilate your face. Also, if the growth is a bit thick, do not leave the epilator on a single zone for too long (especially if the epilator is corded). This can be hazardous.

If you are too bothered about the pain element, you can either use a wet/dry epilator and epilate under the shower (you feel less pain on wet skin). Else, you can utilize epilators with massaging effect. A cool metal head has a soothing sensation and reduces pain to a bearable margin. The noise element should also be reasonable.

Remember to buy epilators with potent batteries if you epilate while you travel. You will feel embarrassed if the batteries die away midway and you are left off with a half-epilated face. Do not rush up the process of epilating the face like men tend to do with shaving. Remember that it is your face and a beautiful one at that. Keep lotions handy in case you are prone to blisters. Use hypoallergenic facial epilator if you have sensitive facial skin.

Top 3 Best Epilators for Face in 2020

We have made a sincere attempt in placing you with three extraordinarily effective best epilator for face. We understand that you may have thick or thin hair; stubborn or amenable growth. You may also require light for better view. You may have to epilate while travelling. You may have an innate dread for tweezers. We have accordingly summed up three epilators which suit different people. Together, they can handle one and all facial hair problems with a degree of authority. That they belong to reputed companies grant them further brownie points. Here are the reviews for top 3 best epilator for face

Bellabe Facial Hair Remover

This product has a tweezer-like contraption on its groove which gently uproots hair from jaw line, upper lip and chin. It works out fast and doesn’t involve any chemicals, so you stay clear of reactions. It takes into account the varied texture of skin under the chin and accordingly functions. Purchase it from Bellabe USA for best results.

Emjoi Epi Slim – Battery Operated (Latest Edition)

This product gains strength from an exceptional motor which enhances efficiency and also helps reduce the pain element. It is versatile and can be used on face, underarms, bikini line and even to even out legs after you have epilated them. It is cordless and thus you can epilate with it even when on the move.

Remington Products EP7030 Smooth and Silky Wet/Dry Face and Body

This product has 40 tweezers to handle facial hair thoroughly. It adapts to the varied contours of different faces and moves along the chin and under the cheeks with equal ease. There is even an angle cap to strengthen the statement. You also get the facility of a light with it. It works both on wet and dry skin.


Style up your face and make it fetching (and hairless) by using the best epilator for face. This actually helps exceedingly in boosting your confidence. So, all you need is to try these products out and feel the difference. To know more about what are the best epilators on the market for 2020 read our main guide.